The Value Of Video
Posted on April 18th, 2016 in Video Marketing

Statistics about video:

  • Canada continues to be a leader in online engagement and video
  • Online Canadian Adults spend about 7 hours per day on media and of that time 47% of it is spent watching videos
  • 44% use online videos more than they did last year
  • Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in Canada.
  • Video reaches 91% of Canadians in searches.
  • Studies show that retention rates of information that is both seen and heard is 80% compared with 10% retention for hearing and 20% retention for seeing.

The value of video is vast and limitless. The statistics above illustrate the ever-growing importance of video in the marketing world. Reaching target audiences has never been easier, but this is not met without challenges. Due to the fact that social media has allowed for so many different avenues of reaching target audiences, viewers may feel bombarded by an information overload. As a result, businesses and corporations have to invest in assuring that their information is not left on the side and forgotten— like a plain salad in an all you can eat buffet. An engaging video that stimulates the senses and offers an emotional appeal to audience members is a very effective and efficient way of achieving this goal. Social media avenues such as Facebook and Instagram thrive on their users posting and sharing videos. This has the potential to create high traffic for your company and business endeavors, if done correctly. Sharing videos on such avenues is easy and convenient, and can result in a much larger audience than first anticipated. We at ShakeMedia pride ourselves in providing the ultimate customer service. Your goals are our goals.

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