Twitter Reveals Changes Which Include Longer Tweets
Posted on May 26th, 2016 in Social Media

Twitter has been in the news quite a bit lately mostly due to its decline in growth. Since its peak in 2014, it has experienced less active users and a decrease in new users. The company has recently announced a few changes they are hoping will revamp the social media platform. The changes will be implemented over the next few months.

One of the biggest changes they revealed is the character limit of tweets. Some tweets will be able to go above the 140 character limit. While tweets are still technically restricted to 140 characters, the platform is changing the way it counts characters. Reply tweets will not include twitter handles as part of the character limit. The idea behind this is that conversations on Twitter become hindered because usernames-especially long usernames take up so much of the character limit. Twitter is hoping this change will create more engaging conversations between users. Pictures, videos, gifs or any other media that you upload directly to twitter will not count toward the character limit either.

If usernames are mentioned in a tweet, it will not reach your whole audience unless users follow both of you. People have been getting around this by adding “.” at the beginning of tweets. With the new updates you will no longer have to do this. The tweet will automatically reach all of your followers. The last change they revealed is adding a retweet button on your own tweets. Now users will have the ability to retweet their old posts. This change seems like it could be a good idea considering the popularity of people sharing their “memories” on Facebook. It will allow users the same concept.

These changes could potentially help revamp and encourage more active users on Twitter. A while back there were talks about creating a 10,000 character limit for Twitter and that it could perhaps help compete against platforms like Facebook which don’t limit the character count for posts. However, the changes Twitter is hoping to implement may be a better option. Part of what Twitter users want out of the platform is a fast and convenient way to create updates for their followers. It is highly unlikely that people would read Tweets that reached the 10,000 limit and it would make it very difficult and time consuming for users to scroll through their feed. We are excited to see how this social media platform changes over the next few months.

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