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Student Special: How to Market Your Summer Business
Posted on March 13th, 2017 in Business, Local, Marketing, Social Media

Every summer countless students develop summer businesses to use as source of income for the following school year. This applies to both high school and University/College students. A major problem that many of these students have is that they don’t know how to attract business. For that reason, we’ve come up with some easy and reasonably affordable solutions for you!

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Summer Business

This is one of the best ways to get your summer business circulating the internet. The four platforms that we highly suggest are LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for networking a professional profile and developing connections. We suggest that you build an active LinkedIn profile for your business. This enables you to get connected with people who could make a big difference in your summer business!

Instagram is a great application for businesses. It can be used as a great way to keep clients and other followers updated on your businesses activity. This is mostly done through photographs and videos.

Twitter is a quick and easy to use application. Through Twitter your business will have the opportunity to frequently update followers on upcoming business activity. Think of it as a mini blog for your business!

Facebook is definitely one of the most important tools out of all of the social media platforms. On Facebook you have the opportunity to  create a page for your business and attract tons of new potential clients. Check out this article for more information on how to develop a strong Facebook page:

Facebook for Summer Business

Instagram for summer business

Twitter for summer businessLinkedIn for summer business

Create a Website

Building a website is a great way to provide your clients tons of information about your summer business. This information includes contact information, upcoming business events, photographs/videos, and much more. We recommend that before you do this you create a logo and theme for your business. It is important to make sure your website is visually stimulating and does not look amateur. There are various programs you can use to create a website, such as WordPress. You can also use programs like Photoshop or Canva to create a logo for your summer business.

Distribute Flyers for Your Summer Business

There is nothing wrong with doing things old school from time to time! While the internet is a very great place to market a business, there are still many people who aren’t very active online. We recommend going around your intended area of business and dropping flyers off at every possible point. Keep your flyers simple yet sleek. Utilize the logo that you have developed, and provide basic information. People often avoid flyers when there is an excess of text. Make sure you add the company name, contact information, and perhaps a price range, depending on your service/business structure.

Summer Business Flyer

Word of Mouth Marketing

This is probably the simplest method of all, but is also a very important one. It is vital that you tell everyone you know about your business. Ask friends and family to assist you in spreading the word about your business. the more people that know, the more your business will grow.

Advertise the Fact That You Are Students!

This applies to all of the previously mentioned marketing strategies. On each platform make sure that people know you are a student-run business. There are many people out there who love the idea of supporting student businesses. If you make it clear that you’re a student-run business, we can almost guarantee that you will attract a ton of unexpected business!