The Power of Youtube Advertising
Posted on May 5th, 2016 in Business, Technology, Video, Video Marketing

Much like an individual uses social media for networking endeavours and entertainment, they also use social media as a platform to perform.  They portray their best self, or amplify their favourite defining characteristics.  Time and time again, individuals will invent and reinvent themselves online.  Whether they change their Facebook profile picture, or start their own YouTube channel, they are all showing off an improved version of themselves with every move.  Social Media teaches us how to brand ourselves in the way that we want others to view us.  If individuals are able to accomplish such a task, then it is not a far cry to assume that various businesses and companies could venture down similar paths.


We at Shake Media want your business or company to gain more of a social following, thereby becoming more appealing and recognizable by the public eye.  “While many businesses have an online presence, they may not be effectively communicating with their target market” (The Effectiveness of Online Advertising: Consumer’s Perceptions of Ads on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).  That’s where we come in!  We want to help you transform and reinvent your company or business’ online presence in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.  This is because “social media can build and raise brand awareness” (Stephen & Toubia, 2010).  Let’s raise your brand awareness together!  We want to help you utilize various social media tools in a way that is the most advantageous to you and your company’s well being and future growth, in this forever-changing social media environment.

We will keep you up to date, up to speed, and current, so you never lose touch with the public gaze.  One of the most effective ways to both pursue and accomplish such goals is through the use of YouTube advertisements.  To better understand YouTube we must first effectively define such a useful social media instrument.  “YouTube is defined as a video sharing website, but is more recently positioning itself as a social networking webpage” (The Effectiveness of Online Advertising: Consumer’s Perceptions of Ads on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).


YouTube allows for the community to come together over various topics, to showcase numerous talents and express other creative, entertaining, or informative ideas.  Each user essentially has the freedom to be the star, director, and writer of their own show.  Some even become famous through the use of their channel.  With such an appeal to the public, it is no wonder that YouTube has gained such accelerating momentum.  Due to the fact that this is such an expressive, informative, and powerful form of media, it is imperative that we learn to utilize such a tool to the most effective and efficient extent.  YouTube advertisements will allow us to put the spotlight on your company or business in a way that will expand and impress your target audiences.  Advertisements that are implemented correctly on such a valuable form of social media can mean the difference between mediocracy and success.  We at Shake Media know that 99% is not enough; we want to give you 100% so that you in turn can output 100%.

YouTube Stats:

  • In January 2013 YouTube pulled in 124,073,000 unique users (Nielson, 2013).
  • In 2013 YouTube was considered the Top Entertainment brand (Nielson, 2013).
  • In April 2013, YouTube had 1 billion unique monthly visitors (McCue, 2013).
  • It is the third most visited website worldwide (Bradshaw & Garrahan, 2008).
  • Recording over one billion monthly visitors who watch more than six billion hours of video monthly (Bradshaw & Garrahan, 2008).
  • Visitors upload 100 h of new video every minute in this website (Bradshaw & Garrahan, 2008).
  • Young generation between 18 and 34 years old who impose two-thirds of YouTube and watch YouTube videos more than any cable TV channel are the most frequent users of this channel (Perrin, 2015).


With such impressive statistics, we at Shake Media know that one of the most effective and economically sound ways to achieve the best results for your business or company is through the use of YouTube advertisements.  It is important to note that according to Google, “simply hearing an ad on YouTube can give a brand lift with consumers…It found that users who just heard a YouTube ad recalled the brand 33.1 percent more frequently than those who never encountered the spot” (Garett, Sloane).

Shake Media can help you create the most impactful and entertaining advertisement video so that consumers are less likely to skip over your advertisement and more likely to watch it at its full-intended length.  There is a right way to do everything.  Simply having a YouTube Ad is not enough; the advertisement has to show your company in the best possible light.   A study showed that “73% often skip the video ads while watching online video in YouTube” (Evaluating the Influence of YouTube Advertising for Attraction of Young Customers).  This number is unacceptable for Shake Media and this is why it is imperative to recognize that the “professional design of video ads affects the decision of viewer to whether skip the video or not” (Evaluating the Influence of YouTube Advertising for Attraction of Young Customers). Together we will create a brand that stands out.  Together we will experience the power of video.

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