Why you Should Download Foursquare Right Now
Posted on May 4th, 2016 in Technology

How many times have you made plans with friends and no one can decide what to do or where to eat? Or have you ever been travelling and are unfamiliar with the area? Foursqaure is an app that lets you search local businesses in your area. There is also an option to search for categories that are in other cities so you can plan ahead. You can search from several categories which include restaurants, shopping, nightlife and entertainment. Instead of writing reviews, users of the app write “tips” which are limited to a specific word count. The app is designed to allow users to quickly scroll through and view brief descriptions of businesses. Foursquare users can easily evaluate a list of businesses and make decisions based on other’s experiences.

When the app was originally launched in 2009 it was primarily a way for people to “check” in to places. The app allowed people to show where they were and also to see where their friends were. Foursquare has since split the app into two. Swarm now takes the place of allowing people to check in and see where their friends are while Foursquare has evolved to be more about providing recommendations to users.

Foursquare has proven to be a great place to market businesses. It is a platform for new customers to discover your business and for you to claim your location. Interestingly enough, Foursquare has been able to predict sales forecasts for companies. The app can track foot traffic in businesses and this allowed it to accurately predict how many Iphones Apple sold last September. More recently, Foursquare predicted the decline in Chipotle’s sales. The CEO of FourSquare used foot traffic data to predict that their first quarter sales would be down by 30%.

Whether or not Foursquare may be the future of sales forecasting and a new opportunity for marketing, we are loving how easy it is to find information about nearby businesses. Here’s to the app that is putting an end to our indecisiveness about where to eat or where to spend time with our friends.

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