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Create Customer Relationships with Digital Media
Posted on May 11th, 2016 in Business

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy it is important to understand the differences between traditional and digital media marketing. Traditional media may still have a place in society but digital media is proving to offer a lot of advantages. Traditional media is still a great strategy for reaching a mass market however, not as many businesses have the need to reach such a mass audience anymore. Digital media can be a better strategy to reach niche or target markets.

Use Digital Media to Spark a Conversation

The biggest difference between traditional and digital media is that digital advertising is more consumer focused. Traditional advertisements or commercials convince customers to patronize their business. Digital media shows appreciation and makes customers feel important. The difference between the two is a “me” vs. “you” approach. People want to hear the business praise them for how happy they are to have them as customers, not necessarily hear about how awesome the business is. Instead of sending a mass market message to customers, businesses can reach a smaller more intimate audience and invite them to be a part of their community.Digital Media

Digital media is an open system and offers customers a voice. Customers cannot voice their concerns to a radio advertisement but they do have the ability to review and voice their experiences on social media platforms. Even blogs offer a place for customers to provide feedback and write comments. Essentially the two-way conversation between the customer and the business allows for an additional platform to provide customer service. More and more customers are reaching out to businesses online because it generates a faster response. If a business replies and resolves the issue in a timely manner it expresses more empathy.

Be a part of your Customer’s Lifestyle

Engaging with customers helps create more authentic content marketing. Digital marketing and social media platforms create a community for a business and its consumers. Social media platforms aren’t just a place to share unsatisfactory customer experiences but also great ones. Whether it is a status update, picture or a blog about an experience, this helps create more authentic and genuine content to share across platforms. Think about this in comparison to celebrity endorsements or sponsorships in traditional media. It is more meaningful to see a relatable customer genuinely engaging with a business. Customers can share experiences with one another across digital platforms. Content marketing is great for generating this sense of community because people want to share and hear about experiences. People want to understand how the brand fits into their interests, activities and lifestyles. This creates a better relationship between the business and consumers.

In addition to being more authentic it is also easier to create more relevant content in digital media. Social media and other online platforms are accessible 24/7 unlike traditional media outlets. It is easier to get more relevant content out there and to capitalize on current events. If you remember “the dress” that went viral just over a year ago, many businesses were creating content and advertisements about it to capture people’s attention. It was easy for businesses to do so because of the fast pace environment digital media offers.

Digital Media

The Customer has to come to you

People do not have a choice if they see an advertisement on a billboard or in the newspaper. They have the choice to pay attention to it but they do not choose if it is there or not. When it comes to digital media, customers have the ability to reach out to businesses. Advertisements can promote websites, videos and social media but the customer has the choice to become more engaged by clicking on your website or following social media pages and blogs. When customers reach out and follow you on your pages or actively read your blog they want to hear your message. It is important to create a digital media strategy because ultimately the customer does have to come to you. You need to give customers a reason to hear your message and respond back to it.

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