Content Strategy: Make the most of it
Posted on August 24th, 2016 in Business

Blog Posts

Blogs are the main component of most content strategies. Of all the platforms you can implement your content strategy, blogs have the longest lifespan. If you want to have an effective content strategy you should know that quality is more important than quanity. It is better to post one blog a week with relevant and unique content than trying to post one a day with little useful information. Creating quality content can be time consuming and difficult for small businesses so follow these tips to get the most out of the content you do post.

  • Post evergreen blogs. This can be difficult considering many industries are changing rapidly. However, focus on writing about long-term solutions in your field of work.
  • Update Blogs. No matter how hard you try to write about evergreen topics, things will change. Make it a habit to go back to old blogs and update the content to be relevant today. This also gives you the opportunity to repost old blogs. Updating an older blog is quicker than writing a whole new one so this will save you time.
  • Share blogs across social media platforms. Post to Facebook and Twitter. Share a picture on Instagram and link the blog in your bio for a few days.
  • Feature blogs in e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Turn the blog information into an infographic. An infographic is a more creative way to lay out the information in your blog. Attention spans are short on the internet. The downside to blogs is that people don’t have the time to read 500 words on a topic, so put all relevant information in a picture and you’ll appeal to a larger audience.


  • Similar to blogs, make videos about evergreen topics.
  • Use relevant keywords in the video title and description.
  • Share videos on social media platforms.
  • Feature videos in e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Try saving raw footage from your videos so you can post shorter previews of your videos on social media. Draw people in with short clips and direct them to the full video. Again, people have a short attention span on the internet so if they see a video that is 20-30 minutes long they may avoid it.
  • However, do not be afraid to make long videos if you have great information to offer.
  • Add videos to blog posts.

Social Media Posts


  • Pin links to blog posts or videos to the top of a Facebook page. Keep it there as long as it is relevant. This will be the first post people see when they visit your page which will increase the reach of that content.
  • Colourful pictures will capture people’s attention and get more shares.


  • If you include several pictures in a blog, split each picture up for a different post on Instagram. Post a picture a day from the blog post and direct people to the full article. This will get more reach while still offering a different piece of content for your Instagram page each day.
  • Use hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 relevant hashtags on your post. Take advantage of this as it allows more people to find your content.
  • Replicate images that get the most likes and comments.


  • Pin tweets with blogs or videos to the top. Similar to Facebook, these tweets will be the first thing people see when they visit your page so it will reach more people.
  • Tweets have a very short lifespan but use this to your advantage. Make several tweets about a blog post. Present questions and problems about your industry to your followers and direct them to a blog or video for the answers.


  • Similar to Twitter, snapchat has a short lifespan but because of this it captures more people’s attention. Post several videos to your story posing questions about your industry and direct users to answers which can be found in blogs and videos.

Today, it is almost essential your business has a content marketing strategy. If you think you don’t have time for one, you do! Focus on your blog. That is where content lasts the longest. And if you use your content wisely and creatively you will be able to turn blogs and videos into daily content for your social media. If you would like more information on creating an effective online and digital presence feel free to contact us.