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4 Tips for a Video Marketing Strategy
Posted on June 17th, 2016 in Video, Video Marketing

If you are using videos to promote your business there are ways to make existing videos more effective. Having a great video helps but you need to learn how to use it to create an effective video marketing strategy for your business. Once the video is complete you have to decide which platforms to use it on and create strategies to achieve your marketing objectives. The two main marketing objectives that videos can achieve are getting your business discovered and driving traffic to your website. Read our tips on how to get the most out of video marketing.

Titles and Descriptions

When you are using videos on platforms like Youtube and Vimeo you can use tactics that will help your videos show up in search engines. Give the most detailed description you can and include relevant keywords in the description. Search engines rely on the text in the title and description to understand what the video is about. As for a title make sure it is relevant and contains keywords that you include in your description. Depending on the content you may want to use a click-bait strategy for the title. Create a title that will capture people’s attention and entice them to watch your video.


Another way to encourage people to watch the video is to pick an appropriate thumbnail. Youtube gives you three image options to use as a thumbnail. Pick one that looks the most relevant to the content of your video. An even better option is to choose a custom thumbnail. Youtube and Facebook allow you the option to choose a custom one. If you are using a click-bait strategy a custom thumbnail can help. There are some great websites where you can edit your own thumbnails. You can use your own pictures and write text over the picture as another way to encourage people to click on your video.


Another way to help your video show up in search engines is to add tags to videos. This can be done on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Any keyword or topic that is relevant to the content in the video should be added. It is also good to use your location such as your city, province or country as a tag. Add as many tags as you can think of to help gain more exposure for your videos.


Annotations add a call to action on your video. Some great ways to use them are to ask people to subscribe to your channel or to direct people to your website or a specific web page that has to do with the video. You can add annotations to YouTube videos in the video manager. Under video manager, there is a tab that allows you to add them. You can add several and choose what time they show up at in the video. To add a clickable annotation to your website you will have to first go to the advanced channel settings. You have to add an associated website to your channel and verify that you own it before you can add clickable annotations. However, once you do this you can add them to videos as a great way to drive traffic to your website.

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